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A Unique Experience

Harmonyworld empowers unique experiences by leveraging creative freedom.

🛍️ Discover your own style

Explore the metaverse in your own unique style, with user made clothing and accessories.

🎤 Socialize and meet new people

Utilizing text chat and proximity voice chat, you can enjoy playing with your friends as well as meet new people in HarmonyWorld.

📱 Cross-Platform

HarmonyWorld was created with cross-platform in mind, to allow you to experience the metaverse anytime, anywhere.

HarmonyWorld Editor 2.0

The Ultimate Creator Experience

✨ Simplicity

The new HarmonyWorld Editor is simple to use and is created to allow people with no development experience to turn their ideas into reality.

⚡ Performance

The new HarmonyWorld Editor 2.0 is up to 4x faster and more performant than the previous release.

💪 Powered by Lua

The freedom to create any kind of logic youu can imagine, utilize the full powers of the lua engine.


HarmonyWorld is a large scale multiplayer sandbox style game where the player explores and discovers a vast world with unique experiences intertwined throughout. The game will be centered around user generated content, allowing players to create story driven adventures and unique experiences for other players to enjoy. The world will be completely seamless and allow for quick travel between land. In the center of the map a social hub will be placed with several locations in which players can meet up and socialize.

No, you don't need to spend any money to play and explore the world. However you do need land if you want to create/build something of your own.

Yes! The game will be Play2Earn by allowing land owners to utilize payments and charges at convenience, we make it possible for creators to create unique P2E experiences and earn money while doing so.

Land is essential to HarmonyWorld and will serve as the host for all the unique experiences and adventures throughout the world. Land allows creators to create their own micro world in the metaverse.

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